21 de Mayo 2004

United States of America


I live in America
Land of the brave and the home of the free
I never knew how it would be
To have bombs exploding all around me


Solo me estoy adelantando al dia de la indenpencia.

Mad lov to ma boi Roy a.k.a Crispy (lol), lov cha a lot , papi words cant express wat our friendship meanz 2 me. I kno summer iz to chill yo , but u kno i cant , i hope everytin b fine, i pray 4 dat all nightz, ua a cuttie , and ua mad sweet wit me. Tho we cant chill the tym we zpend iz cool, and u kno i lov ya hot songz. God blesz b safe .holla back

Escrito por shorty_4u_2hate a las 21 de Mayo 2004 a las 02:55 AM

feliz dia!! ojalá y todo pase trankilo, sin peligros d cualkier cosa... t cuidas niña


Escrito por gerardo a las 21 de Mayo 2004 a las 06:29 AM

when you say " i live in america" do you mean united states the country in America? or you mean any country in America the "5th continent" the 5th ring in the olympics' emblem! because the only country in America who sends soldier to Iraq is EE.UU not other country of America has send any. I guess the Americans (from canada to patagonia) are not feeling the same about the oil overseas. I hope yours come back home safe!
But geography is a diferent matter/subject.
More than seven seas less than seven continents...

Escrito por Europa a las 21 de Mayo 2004 a las 07:44 AM

Feliz dia!!!! ,como siempre las fotos estan tremendas ,te mando un saludo argentino y que sigas por aca .

Escrito por RICARDO a las 21 de Mayo 2004 a las 04:43 PM

Europa thanks.what I wrote is the stanza of a song about U.S.A and Croatia, and i know America is the continent not only the u.s. , but U.S moto (phrase) is "America land of the brave and home of the free"
Some latin america countries sent troops to Iraq, mainly to support Spain and U.S. (El Salvador, Honduras,Santo Domingo, Puerto Rico etc.)

Escrito por shorty a las 21 de Mayo 2004 a las 09:12 PM

orale, ya ni entras a mi blogo, eeeh¿?
=( , jaja ni entres, no hay nada nuevo xD


Escrito por gerardo a las 22 de Mayo 2004 a las 07:47 AM
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