23 de Julio 2004

Dont Take Anything For Granted


(No des nada por hecho)

Hoy fue un dia bastante aburrido as usual. Fui al siquiatra as usual. Me lave el pelo as usual.
Lo unico variante fue que M and A vinieron a mi casa. And we had a quality time.
To beging with we called the boys!!!! yes !! and they said they want a date with me and M. And the funniest part is that hay 2 enamorados de mi!!! Im like LMAO
Asi que prolly vamos a salir el viernes o el sabado en la noche.
Le conte a el duro sobre eso y se enojo y yo tambien despues que discutimos el tema.

The point is that i dont want to take anything for granted because you never know. And knowing how my luck is.... is not a good idea after all.
But I must admit that im so goddamn happy =D yes Im happy... ok now thats scary!!!
But I will enjoy this moment of happiness :) this can be the last one in my whole life and that aint cool.

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