18 de Julio 2004

Things Wont Stay The Same

-- and thats a fact.

Well i know is kinda late but i need to write this down.

As you may know i used to be the "depressed" kind of person.
But before i started with this type of attitude i used to hang out a lot with friends.
We were a team.And they were always there for me. But one day i was feeling really down and blue, i looked up for 'em but i only found myself.
I was so angry with them that i couldnt help but think the worst and all that bullsh!t you normally think when you are dissapointed like i was.

But the number one factor was that i had this enemy. She made my whole world to break down into nothing.
Sometimes i think that i must forgive her. But other times i just want a sweet revenge.

But that just aint happening. Cuz even though she hurted me the way she did, i must learn from it.

Last day i saw her doing her thing like always. And man i can tell she wasnt having THAT fun (either i was cuz we were in the same place at the same time).
I just hope to not see her ever again in my whole life.
And yes i forgive her, no strings attached. But that does not means that i want her close.

Anyways im having fun these days due to my friends great sense of humor.
And i just remebered why i chose them to be my friends, and now i regret that i just went away without saying no words to them and leaving them like "damn whats wrong with her"

But guys now im back, a new me, just better and stronger. I dont want things to be like they used to be, i want them to be better.
The best thing of all this, is that i went away and turned back and they were there.
I thought they wouldnt be hanging out with me like in the old times. But they did. And they show the same respect and love they did before.

OK what im trying to proove is that no matter how broken you are or how wars you've lost. For your friends you are still the same nice one.
Sometimes they can be really annoying but they are what they are.
And i know they've missed me.

But if i cant meet someone new its ok then.. cuz damn i have real friends by my side (even though i didnt saw them in the past).

Well last weeks friday we went to a party in a club, this friday we went to the movies, and on saturday we went to the mall (we met 2 guys Tomas and Jorge pretty nice, i hope they call me lol)and we are not sure what we are doing tomorrow.

Anyways big shout outs to: La Flaka, La Mexicana, La Shorti de los New yores, La Baby Chula, La Simpatikona, La Big Sis J, El Mexicano, El Apretado, El Chofer, El Indiesito, El Negro, El Duro, El CibaeƱo, Joey, Los Shicos Sueltos de New York, La Genio, La Liosa, G, El Angel, El Portero, El Peruano, El Primo, Ros, J.M, La Gata.

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